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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Understanding the Basic Panel in Lightroom4

Let’s start today with the basics Lightroom4 tutorials working in the basic panel.

There is always something to learn… Understanding the tools we use is an important part of photography. The basic panel in Light room 4 is the very first step when editing your photo. Making sure you have the correct white balance, exposure, temperature. It’s amazing what a drastic change an image can have by simply adding some contrast or warmth to your photo.


Key D -> will take you take you to the development module
Control 1 -> Will jump to Basic Panel, it will open and close
Right click on the basic tab -> Choose solo and only 1 panel will stay open at a timeKey V -> will switch you back and forth between black and white

Excellent, excellent tutorial by SLRlounge going through the basic panel. Even if you think you know everything about this panel you will learn a tip and a shortcut.

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