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A Day Downtown

Up until yesterday the weather felt more like fall than spring.  The chill in the air, the snow still falling, the wind giving me the feeling of fall. The need to pull the crock pot and curl up on the sofa with a blanket. But yesterday was different, yesterday the suns warms could be felt through the windows. On my walk to pick up Kat the air, the sun the warmth all felt like the start of summer days that soon will come.

I asked Kat if she wanted to go downtown an adventure for negative space, and of course she said yes! I am so lucky that she always wants to go on these little adventures with me.  We started out with hot chocolate and treats at the Liquid Planet.


After drinks we walked around going up alleys and around corners both of us pointing out what we thought would be a great picture. Then we walked by the parking garage and decided to go to the top level just to see what we could see. The ride up in the elevator was of course the highlight.  This changed the focus of our walk now we wanted to see where else we could ride an elevator.

I think the tallest building we have in Missoula is 7 stories so we went there and rode to the 6th floor since the 7th was restricted. Then across the street to the bank where we asked if we could ride their elevator to the 6th floor. We looked out the window and pointed to all the places we recognized below and then back down the elevator. We made it up four elevators before it was time to head home.


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