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Featured Photo Wednesday – Hannah Wuensche

Such strength in this photograph! Can you imagine being there, seeing this magnificent wall! Touching it to feel those dark streaks that formed so long ago. Nice choice going black and white! Thank-you for sharing with us today Hannah! “Just me and the rock”, love it!

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I took this photo on a rock climbing trip that I went on with my friends with a Nikon D700. We found this amazing wall that made me think of a wave, being there makes you feel separated from the rest of the world- it feels surreal. I saw my dad walking off on his own and it amazed me to see him in contrast to such a large and impressive form.

I also found it quite beautiful to see him looking so comfortable on his own with nature, looking at this photo makes me feel quite calm; I feel it reflects the feeling I get when on the wall, the time that I am isolated from the rest of the world and the feeling of calm I get in the knowledge that it’s just me and the rock. I loved that I could share that emotion through this photograph.

When looking back at this shot I noticed the dark streaks on the wall- I wanted to highlight these. This and the simplicity of it was what made me choose to use black and white as opposed to colour.

Flickr: www.Flickr.com/hwuensche
Facebook: www.FaceBook.com/WuenscheFamilyPhotography

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