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Free Lightroom Presets

Free Lightroom Presets:

I have just discovered how much fun you can have with presets! Looking around there are quite a few free ones to try! I created a list of ones I found. If you have one you think I should add to the list let me know! Let’s see how long we can get this list!


Be sure to stop by PreSetsHeaven.com – right now, they’re in the middle of creating a new preset a day for 365 days… Awesome! You can see what new exiting presets will unfold as the days move forward! You also might want to checkout – Albertdebruijn.com, a list of presets there including aged photo, aged sepia, HDR-Like, B&W Infra, IR-Like and more all on one page!

A big thank-you to all the folks who create presets for Lightroom for us to enjoy! Thank-you!

NicolesyBlog – Aged B&W
NicolesyBlog – Sun Flare
NicolesyBlog – B&W Silver Lining
FlixelPix – Ethereal Preset
FlixelPix – Grit – Black and White Portrait
FlixelPix – Summer
FlixelPix – Autumn
FlixelPix – Sweets
FlixelPix – Mono
LightroomKillerTips – Black and White Tonal Contrast Effect
LightroomKillerTips – Sunflare Glow
LightroomKillerTips – Tonal Contrast
LightroomKillerTips – Black and White HDR for Landscapes
LightroomKillerTips – Wedding Day
LightroomKillerTips – Vignettes and Edge Darkening
LightroomKillerTips – Sharpening Landscape and Outdoor Photos
LightroomKillerTips – Auto-Enhance Preset
LightroomKillerTips – Autumn Color Preset
LightroomKillerTips – Wedding Fairytale
LightroomKillerTips – Focal Point with Blurry Backgrounds
LightroomKillerTips – Desaturated Sports
LightroomKillerTips – Focal Point Background Effects
LightroomKillerTips – Black and White for Portraits
LightroomKillerTips – Sunflare Preset
LightroomKillerTips – Spring Color, Flare and Haze

I will keep working on this list, so check back!

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