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Featured Photo Wednesday – Kathy

Life is full of a coincidental moments, this is a great story and beautiful picture of what we do for special people in our lives and how sometimes that special act is even more thought out then we realized ourselves.

I love the featured stories you all have been sumbitting, they bring that extra something to an already extra special photograph. Giving more meaning and life to each and everyone of them. Thank-you Kathy for sharing with us today!

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Several months ago, my dearest friend purchased a modest home nearby so that we could spend more time together.  Living in different states, and meeting halfway, had become too restrictive and inconvenient.  So, in one bold leap, my friend became the homeowner of yet another house, only a short distance from mine.

The new house remained quite empty until my friend was able to choose some furnishings to match her preferred décor.  While I awaited her arrival, I spotted a poster of a print done by Gasiorowski.  The artist had painted tulips, in two blue flower pots.  The colors were bold and simple.  I bought the poster, and I hung it in her dining room, on a hook that had been left in the wall.  I then took a picture of the poster to see if it was something she would like to keep; she would, and she did.

Four months later, we celebrated her birthday in her new home.  I knocked on her door with four pots of Spring flowers: hydrangeas, pansies, hyacinths, and tulips.  I set the tulips on a black bench, beneath a window, in her living room.  She found places for the remaining flowers in the various rooms.  Then, several days later, when I returned to her house, I noticed that she had moved the tulips onto the dining room table.  And it was then that I realized that I had actually purchased the same type of tulips, red when first blooming, bright yellow and orange when opened, that had been painted in the poster.  She, however, had identified the similarity right away.  I was thrilled to see that somehow, inadvertently, I had matched these two gifts to my dear friend.

I had taken a picture of the opened tulips as a posted birthday card to my friend. I liked the photograph because, unaltered, it looked like a watercolor.  But later, when she pointed out the matching tulips, I could not resist taking another picture of the tulips with the poster serving as a background.

Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/photos/82940673@N08/



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