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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Photography 101 – How to Photograph Silhouettes

How to Photograph Silhouettes


Silhouette is such a tricky word for me to spell, as I type it I always have to do a double take to make sure I got it right… So now that I can spell it how to photograph one.  One of the reasons I love silhouettes is because it’s your choice as the photographer. You can bring light on your subject or you can take it away.

This picture, I took in a very bright room of the singer to the Best Westerns. They played an early show tonight so the whole family was able to make it. Since it was early there was lots of light within the room.

So I waited patiently for one silhouette to find it’s way in front of the window instead of multiple blending bodies. Then in one moment the others in the band either swayed, moved or reached for something leaving me with this lonely cowboy in front of the window. I already had done some test shots so I knew I would end up with a silhouette.

I exposed for the light in the window – 1/6400 sec at f/3.2

I found some great tutorials this week on how to expose for a Silhouette!

How to Photograph a Silhouette – Photography 101

This is a new website I came across The Pioneer Woman – How I shoot Silhouettes not only tells you how to shoot s silhouette, but also some editing tips you will want to note.  Very great tutorial… The tip I took home was try changing your blend mode from “normal” to “soft light” in Photoshop – made a dramatic difference!

The Pioneer Woman

Next up we have a tutorial form The Daily Digi, she did a great job explaining how to use your backlight as well as looking for those strong lines and clean background!


And of course you can always count of Digital Photography School to bring you a stellar tutorial on how to photograph a Silhouette!


Enjoying working on your Silhouettes!



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