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Featured Photo Wednesday – Martin

This is by far one of my favorites photos ever… The strength this photo creates, the life, the emotion, the editing. It all comes together to create a perfect photo, a perfect moment. Thank-you Martin for sharing it with us!

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It is shot of my Father standing next to the Forth Bridge at Queensferry near Edinburgh. At Queensferry stands a memorial to the Builders(Briggers) who lost their lives constructing the famous Forth Bridge.

It was my Father Docker’s coat that got my attention first when I was taking this shot. It gave me the impression that he could have been one of the briggers himself and the fact he is standing having a smoke almost adds to it.

I reprocessed this shot to enter a portrait competition and at the time I was playing with a lot dark tones in my photos.

My Father was not aware I was taking the shot which makes it all the more special as it is a stance I have seen him take many times. In contrast my Mother was not happy at all I was entering this photo as it is a stance she too has seen so many times and never liked. Since the birth of daughter, my father’s first grandchild, he has subsequently stopped smoking.

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/16692567@N04/

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