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Featured Photo Wednesday – Sheila Robbins

Take a moment to read this beautiful story, it will bring new meaning to this photograph!

The Lady Slipper Orchid is such a delicate flower. Sheila did an amazing job capturing the delicate nature of this flower.  The colors, the way the water droplets fall on the leaves. The subtle vignette bringing your eye right to the subject, beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

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Sheila Robbins

I discovered this Lady Slipper Orchid (Cypripedium) growing in a ditch a few years ago and now I look for it every spring.  This was taken with my first digital camera, a Canon Powershot and it is still one of my favorite photos.  The thrill of finding this rare and beautiful flower set me on a path of looking at my surroundings in a whole new way, searching for the hidden and unexpected treasures that are all around us. I love this Native American Legend about the Lady Slipper.  Hope that you enjoy it as well.

There once was a daughter of an Indian Chieftain.  One day while she was playing far away from her camp she met a rabbit.  The rabbit was crying because it had hurt its feet and couldn’t go home.  The little girl gave the rabbit her moccasins so it could go home without hurting its feet.  As it was getting late the little girl started back to her camp.  Before long her feet were torn and bleeding.  She collapsed in exhaustion and fell asleep.  Before long a songbird flew by and saw her bleeding feet.   It begged the Great Spirit to help the little girl.  Upon awakening she found a beautiful pair of moccasins hanging on two slender stems.  She slipped them on her bleeding feet and was able to make her way home.

Look inside a yellow Lady’s slipper orchid and you will see the spots of blood and some lines made by the little girls bleeding feet.
These plants are becoming endangered and should not be picked.


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