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Featured Photo Wednesday – Keith Kwok

Now this is a great photo! Talk about capturing a moment… I love that the fisheye, it gives it just a big of distortion, but not too much. Bringing the entire scene into view. The light and the choice of black and white make it perfect! a big thanks for Keith Kwok this week, be sure to check out some of his other work on Flickr.com/KeithKwok

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Shoe makers in Hong Kong produce affordable leather shoes, though it’s a dying trade.

I took this shot on a humid summer’s day, the temperature must of been around 30’C.

This old man was in a very small and hot shop, but you can see he was concentrating with passion. There’s no air conditioning, just an simple electric fan beside him. (This isn’t just an workshop, he sells shoe as well.)

He hadn’t noticed me when I came into the shop, I took a picture of this humble man from 1.5 meters away. Because the surrounding area is small, I used a fisheye lens to capture the whole environment. The fisheye distortion gave a perspective that emphasize his concentration. I really liked the perspective and composition, because it made him look like he was working in a cave, feeling alone, and no connection to the outside world.

Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/keithkwok


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