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Featured Photo Wednesday – Peter Kelly

Thank-you Peter for this amazing picture!  I love the composition on this photo, each officer lost within their own thoughts. I also love that you edited it in black and white. One of the reasons I like black and white photography is the timeless feel you get. This photo could have been taken 20 years ago or 4 years ago.

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Peter Kelly

If your interested, a short story about this photo. I shot this photograph on black & white film while on a visit to New York. I was just getting into black & white film for the first time. Some friends and I went to a giant food festival in Hell’s Kitchen. For about half an hour we parted ways to do our own thing.

I came across this line of New York’s finest waiting to change shift with the police already on duty. The scene stopped me in my tracks. I loved the contrast. In one way they are all similar in that they are all wearing the same uniform but at the same time the two principal characters are also very different. One; a very tall male with short hair. The other; a very short female with long hair.

I snapped it quickly before they noticed me, thus a bit of a blur but I think that adds to the documentary feel of the photograph. The officer coughing in the background somehow compliments the whole scene.

I often wonder how these officers fared during 9/11. Presumably, they made it through but undoubtedly they lost colleagues. Are they still working as police officers? Are they still living in New York? It’s still one of my favourite photographs.

Flickr: www.Flickr.com/peterkelly1
Twitter: @ThePhotovore

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