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How to Photograph Textures

How to Photograph Textures!

Last week on Learn by Doing Photography we were out photographing textures. This week I found some pretty great tutorials! This one really captured my attention by Ron Bigelow – Texture Photography — Part I of course you can check out Texture Photography — Part II as well! My favorite line is why shoot textured photography?

“As photographers, we need to create images that have impact, and the proper utilization of texture can add impact to images. When used properly, texture can be just as powerful as bold color, leading lines, or dramatic scenery.”

There ya go… perfect reason to understand how to capture the textures that surround us!

Ron Bigelow

Here is another good article written by Rachael Towne for Lightstalking.com – You can also visit Rachael Towne at her website, Photoluminary.com. This particular article is titled How to Photograph Textures! Great tips about what to look for, how to create your own texture, lighting all the good stuff.

Rachael Towne

One website that never lets me down is PhotographyLife.com.  They always have great tips on photography including this article – How to Photograph Textures by Nasim Mansurov! Be sure to check out some of Nasim Mansurov’s photographs on 500px.com, amazing!

Nasim Mansurov


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