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Featured Photo Wednesday – James McGregor

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A photograph is a story, and James does an amazing job creating a story. When I first saw a photograph by him I was drawn in, I wanted to explore this mystery. The colors and composition were so intriguing! Thank-you James for sharing with us today…


For me starting out on what I’ve chosen to call “creative” photography was pretty much a necessity. I love photography
in all its forms, and like many starting out in the field – I had a dreadful fear of post processing! Some
photographers get pretty angry and anxious when Photoshop is mentioned, they somehow feel that to post process to the
extent which I do is a bad thing. In some circumstances this is correct, if your shooting a wedding or a baby portrait
then purity is of course best. They also think that to post process means the elements which go together to make the
final piece must be poorly conceived, badly lit – or just plain bad photographers. This couldn’t be further from the
truth, I find when I’m working on a creative image it is often much more vital for each composite element to be
taken correctly in the first place. It also requires forsight – I like to have an idea of the image I will be creating
before hand. So the Modern Noir Story set was born! I wanted to prove to myself and others that to pull together
elements and to use modern tools to help create a part of a story is as natural and as worthwhile as putting brush
to canvas, and shouldn’t be so easily dismissed, which sadly it often is….

…but now i may have company…

James McGregor Photography

This image was the 11th of my Modern Noir set. I found almost straight away on starting this set that the natural
path to take was mixing the style of old time noir and fantasy was something that I had not seen before, and seemed
to fit perfectly. Noir has been, and is all about mood. The lighting and what you don’t see are often more important
than what is immediately apparent. Fantasy for me is all about vibrancy, the suspension of disbelief, and the
willingness to take a step out of the every day surroundings. More than this, each genre always makes me feel a sense
of loneliness, of seclusion and inner battles. At the time of these images, it was a pretty dark time for me
personally, and there seemed no better way to deal with various issues than to give them a shape. I found too that
the recurrent central character needed more of an identity, but at the same time it was important to not feel that the
character of “The Man” was too familiar. I wanted the viewer to have questions, to wonder what had happened before,
what would happen, and what events took place between each image. For this image in particular I wanted to give a sense of
being alone, with a sense of resignation, but also to always have a chance of hope.

…dark days are just beginning…

James McGregor Photography

This image is a little further on in the set. As I progressed with these images I wanted to show a bit of the history
of “The Man”. Some snapshots of where he came from, even if that gave a suggestion of another time and place – I
felt this would add to his mystique. I moved away from the fantasy side for this one, and leaned more heavily on
the noir sensibilities – which I have always loved. I wanted a sense of old wartime tension, to suggest that
just out of frame something was about to happen, something which wasn’t totally unexpected.

These two images show I think that it is possible to bring together many different styles to a set of images, but
to still make them accessible and cohesive. That was the hope, I guess it is always up to the viewer to decide in the

You can see the entire set at:

At my showcase site with optional spoken word story: www.showcase.jmcgregorphotos.co.uk/modernnoir.php
At my main website along with my other creative sets: www.jmcgregorphotos.co.uk/blog/creative-galleries/

You can also visit me on Facebook to keep up with new images as the come, which is usually quite frequent:

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