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Featured Photo Wednesday – Jean-Baptiste d’Hérouville

This week I want to thank JB for a trip to Paris on this week’s Featured Photographer! Such an artistic creative view of Paris, the composition and color on these photographs is amazing!

If you have a photo you would like to have featured, please email me at submissionsatdigitalcamfandotcom . Every Wednesday I’ll spotlight a new photo. Don’t forget to include links to your photography site, Flickr, twitter you get the point, we want to be able to see your other work! For more detailed info on how to, check out the Featured Photo detail page!


I’m 18 and I’m a student in International Business. I live in Paris since I was born. My passion of photography started 2 years ago, when I wanted to share the beauties of our big cities’ architecture.

For this picture (Pont Alexandre III – Paris), which was taken last July during the sunset, I used my Nikon D2X with the Nikkor 17-55mm at f/2.8 and 200 ISO.

Currently, I think it’s my favorite picture of Paris: it reflects the amazing atmosphere of Paris, the city of lights, during a sunset or a sunrise. I enclose you some other pictures of Paris which also reflect well this “atmosphere”.

I hope you will enjoy my vision of Paris!




Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jb-dherouville/

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