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Featured Photo Wednesday – Boxador Photography

A big thanks to John from Boxador Photography for submitting this week, capturing the most incredible moment between a mom and her baby. Moments like this don’t last very long, John did an amazing job capturing it at just the right moment!

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Boxador Photography

Hi, my name is John and having enjoyed photography for the past 5 years, I created Boxador Photography in February 2012.

During the Summer I went to Drusilla’s with my family and took my camera with me in the hope of taking some natural photos of the children. After lunch and many pictures later we moved around to the nursing enclosures where the Lar Gibbons had a new arrival. Sadly the mother and her new born were hiding and no one could see her, all we could see was what we presumed was the father parading around. After some time and almost giving up hope of catching a glimpse let alone a shot, she emerged from behind some bushes and sat in clear view of everyone. Wow, what an amazing sight and what devotion this mother showed towards its new born, who was climbing all over it’s mother. Eventually the baby settled in its mother arms and the picture speaks for itself. I thought that the image shows the special bond of love and devotion between mother and child regardless of the species.

The camera I used was a Canon 300d with – A 75-300mm lens, 1/160, f/5.6, ISO 400. The lens wasn’t that fast so had to use higher ISO. No Tripod.

I capture creative portraits using natural lights, including abstract art, landscape, wildlife and nature photography and have just started to learn freeze photography. I love the fact that you can capture a moment in time and remember it forever.

Please feel free to browse, like and follow me on the links below.
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Thanks for looking at my moments in time. If you would like me to capture your special moments then please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


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