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Featured Photo Wednesday – Shaun Alcedo Photography

This week I am excited to share the featured photographer, Shaun Alcedo! Orange and blue… the colors blend so beautifully in this picture, great composition too!

Have you ever turned a corner and hit your lens against a wall or even dropped it. I am sure we have all done that at one time or another…. Remember that feeling when you read this story and maybe you can start to imagine how Shaun felt with the lose of more than just one lens…  I also love the last line “Thank you photography” I agree thank-you photography for entering my life!

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Shaun Alcedo Photography


Description of the Photo:
Was taken in Southern Cross Station, Melbourne
Usually with train stations, they don’t allow photography but with my eagerness of getting a shot of a moving train very close,
I decided to try my luck and capture the moving train which i managed to do..which then after security stopped me..

Settings I used to capture this shot :
Shutter 20 Seconds
Aperture f/22

I would love to share my experience with Photography…

My love of Photography started pretty much in Melbourne City watching in St Patrick’s Church a Photographer doing a long exposure of all the shadow detail inside the Church So I decided to by my first DSLR which was a Sony Alpha A230. which during that time, kept shooting , not even thinking about composition or any other important detail of photography.

Time went on and I went through a phase of buying and selling cameras from Micro Four Thirds cameras and mirrorless cameras. which for my own view of, I find had very lack of controls and has no soul compared to a DSLR… So I kept buying different brands of cameras and spending a fortune in lens So I decided to go to Nikon. Bought a Nikon D50, D90 and D300 and had so much fun with those. Great memories

I then went to the Canon camp and bought a Canon 5d mark 1 and Mark 2. Which i learned a lot of my photography watching Work shop DVDs from Photographers like Karl Taylor and Cliff Mautner. My Knowledge of Photography so far was thanks to those 2 great photographers

I spent all my money and bought all the Nice L lens which Canon offered such as 24-70 2.8 L, 100mm Macro L, 70-200 2.8 L and 85mm 1.2 L Which unfortunately silly of me, left my camera bag in the train.. I never got back my Camera gear since. Due to that unfortunate event I decided to go back to Nikon and buy a Nikon D7000 and Recently a D700. I have been happy ever since.. So far that is my Journey with this very expensive Hobby. I am sure there are many other Photographers who have experienced very similar joys and downfalls in our beloved Photography

One other reason why I love photography so much. With all the cameras I have experienced. All the Lens and Glass i looked through to compose my Photos.

I have Captured the most important subjects in my Life.
My Wife, and 19 month old Daughter.
Since birth, I have taken over 4000 photos of my daughter. All the memories we can look back at and admire..

Thank you Photography..

Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/shaun_alcedo/

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