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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Photography 101 – Understanding your ISO

Next up in the triangle is ISO… To understand how to move around in manual you need to know understand how the triangle works. You have shutter speed, aperture and ISO that make up the triangle. Today I wanted to find some good tutorials on ISO which can be a complicated to understand. I think  Bryan Peterson explained it best in his book “Understanding Exposure” He stated if you have think of ISO as worker bees. If my camera is set at ISO 100 and your camera is set at 200 ISO you have 200 worker bees gathering more light. If we both set our aperture to f/5.6 the ISO 200 would record it quicker since there are more bees gathering light.

Here are a couple of my favorite places I found with some excellent tutorials on understanding your ISO:

First up is Digital School of Photography! Always a great place to find an excellent tutorial!


This next one is from Photography Life. They do a great job explaining ISO breaking it down to when to use ISO, when to increase it!


I like Photoxels because they also go how your sensor will make a difference with your ISO as well:



This is by far the best ISO explanation I have ever listened to! Dylan Bennett does an excellent job taking it past the simple saying “The lower the number the less sensitive to light your camera is going to be. Now if you’re at a higher ISO your sensor is going to be extremely sensitive”. With this explanation you will finally get it!

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