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Featured Photo Wednesday – Craig Murray

I feel so honoured and excited to share this Featured Photo today! Craig went out and shot this photo specifically for this post, and oh my it couldn’t have turned out better! Tack sharp where it needs to be, the colors are amazing and the composition perfect! Be sure to take a moment to to see some more of Craig Murray on Flickr!

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Many years ago I had a keen interest in photography 35mm, which developed from pure amateur status into running a small company doing mainly portraiture. As with most things, once a hobby becomes a business you can simply lose the enjoyment of it and ultimately I hung up my cameras and got on with life.

Over twenty years later I tentatively looked into digital photography, purchasing a Canon EOS10. It took a little while but it rekindled my interest and I feel that I am as enthusiastic today as I have ever been before.

My first love was always Macro Photography (Close up), and inspired by photographers such as LordV this is where I get the most enjoyment from today.

I was very flattered when Amy from DigitalCamFan asked me to forward a photograph to use for the web-site, and I wanted to shoot something new for that purpose.

This image is the centre of a Alstroemeria plant, shot with a Canon 5D MKII, and a Canon MP-E 65 lens.

To achieve this image I took 51 separate images each one focussed slightly differently and merged them in Zerene Stacker. This technique is called focus stacking and it can give very pleasing results when depth of field is ordinarily very limited.

Aperture was F11, and I used a Canon Ring flash to light the subject, although I reduced its strength by -2/3rds of a stop to keep the image looking natural.

I hope you enjoy this image, thank you for taking the time to read this piece

Flickr: Craig Murray (CMM_456)


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