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Featured Photo Wednesday – Charlwood Photography

This week I am excited to feature David, from Charlwood Photography.  A brilliant photographer who can capture emotion every time the takes a photograph. In his wedding photography you see the happiness, the light around the couple, the moment. He can do this in such an unobtrusive way, as if the couple didn’t even know he was there. He someone how can capture that moment in time.

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It’s the end of the wedding season and it’s dark and cold, in England anyway. Whilst filling in tax forms, checking camera equipment and catching up on all the things that there weren’t time for over the summer I had a look over the images from my weddings this year. This one is my favourite.

I asked the couple to move into the shade of the shed roof to get them out of the midday sun and then stepped back a few feet and stood slightly behind a post. Giving the subjects a bit of space helped them relax and the groom responded by kissing his new wife on the forehead.

Image shot with a Nikon D700 and Zeiss Planar 50mm f/2 Makro lens at f/2.

I used an aperture of f/2 to slightly blur the background and draw attention to the subjects, at the same time making sure that the post protruded into the frame on the left – I wanted to add to the sense of being an observer and because of the shallow depth of field I knew the post itself would be blurred, leaving just a line of colour in the final image.

The three things that make the shot are:

– the light (find patches of shade if you have to photograph in harsh sunlight)
– ‘shooting through’ the post, which helps frame the shot and draw attention to the subjects
– the moment

The photo is my favourite of the year because it shows such genuine emotion, caught in a tiny patch of lovely light. Seeing it still makes me smile.

Website: CharlwoodPhotography
Twitter: Twitter.com/dcharlwood

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  1. Great job. Love that image.



    Posted by Jayson Lecuyer | February 27, 2013, 11:24 pm

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