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Featured Photo Wednesday – Visual Verve

Brilliant! The way you created such a different perspective is the best! Making him appear so small looking up with those curious eyes. You brought emotion to a still life, wondering!

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I personally try to catch some kind of emotion in all my pictures.

This particular photo had to reflect a child’s vision on death, or at least reflect the influence death can have on a child’s mind. Most of the time, we mourn ourself and we expect our kids to know what has happened or even comfort our children with declaring that someone has become a star. That special someone is not here anymore. Someone has gone to heaven.

But heaven… That is very far away.

I wanted Danbo to take a letter and use it as a kite, to send it to heaven and at this composition I tried to make him look even smaller.

In some way I wanted it to be a sort of a condolence card for kids, a bit of support for them.

Picture is taken with a Canon EOS 500D

Exposure : 1/4
Aperture : f/8
Focal length : 18 mm (18-55 mm standard kit-lens)

Website : www.visualverve.nl
Facebook : www.facebook.com/www.visualverve.nl
twitter : www.twitter.com/visualverve1

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