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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Photography 101 – Understanding Exposure


Found this excellent explanation of what exposure is by Matthew Gore he does an amazing job explaining the difference between aperture, f-stop and ISO. Those are the three elements one needs to understand when taking a picture with your DSLR camera.

If this is the first time you’re hearing these words or you have been around your DSLR camera for awhile now, it’s a great video to watch. Even things I think I know about my camera I will watch a video or read and article and think “oh yeah, now I get it” It’s always good to go back and re-learn the things you think you already know. What you will find out is you actually don’t know it all… There is always something new to learn! This is why I love photography, there is always something to learn!

The Three Basics of Exposure and Photography from Matthew Gore on Vimeo.

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