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Learn by Doing Photography – End of Year Review!

Assignment #56 – Year End Review!

So how did you do this year? It’s been a little over a year of weekly assignments! Phew! Now what do we do at the end of the year, we review! What is your favorite photo of  2012? Sounds easy, but really I bet you have a few of them… If you want to post a few on Facebook or here on the linky tool I would love to see them!

Starting next week we begin 2013 and it’s back to some technical assignments.

YearEnd (1 of 2)


YearEnd (2 of 2)

Remember you can post your pictures at the bottom of this post or on DigitalCamFan FaceBook wall. If you have questions about “Learn By Doing” Please refer to the guideline page. If you have no questions post away!

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