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How to edit an entire batch in Lightroom4

Lightroom 4 – How to edit an entire batch


Today I am doing some edits and want to edit my entire batch to black and white. I almost started doing it one by one, now that would have been silly! So I Googled it and there is was easy as can be.

1. I am in the develop mode

2. Select the images you want on the slide show on the bottom of the screen. If you can’t see the slide show hit the arrow on the bottom middle of the screen to have it appear. To select a group click on the first picture you want selected, then press the shift key on the keyboard followed by clicking the image at the end of the group that you want selected. That will select all the pictures in between your selected images.

3. On the bottom right side there are two buttons side by side Auto Sync and Reset.  Check the Auto Sync button, now make your adjustments in the panel. Whatever you change will for all the images selected.

This youtube video by PhotoYouniversity is perfect:

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