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Featured Photo Wednesday – Sarah Conkle

This week I want to thank my dear friend, Sarah for submitting this photo. I can’t say enough amazing things about you, I am glad to have you in my life and share this journey of photography with you!

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The macro-world captivates me.  Minute things, patterns on things, parts of wholes could easily slip by unnoticed.   I want to see those patterns, those unnoticed bits of beauty and share pieces of extraordinary with others.  This photo was taken while using my new macro lens and learning about macro settings on my camera.   I am especially happy with this lens, a Tamron 90mm.

Three things cycle quickly through my mind before pushing the shutter button; the first more often than not involves that ‘thing’ that has captured my attention about the subject.   What is the essence of my intended photo?   What message do I want to send, and how do I want the viewer to participate in the final image.   In this photo the ‘large in the world of small’ caterpillar walked through several obstacles to get where she was going.  So out of place on that rusty chain, and yet so in place in nature.  And I love, love, love those fuzzy hairs!

The second thought in the process concerns composition.  How to position the camera to create a composition that will best express what I want to share?   I put my tripod close to caterpillar level and very close to the subject.  Diagonal lines are dynamic and most often more interesting.  The contrast between the fuzzy, organic nature of the living caterpillar and the man-made, rusty, old chain spoke to me of opposites such as natural/manufactured, new life/timeworn oldness, soft/hard. Yet there is continuity in the shape of the subject and the chain, which connects them.   I wanted the viewer to feel this as well, so I left out as much extraneousness as possible.

Finally, the camera settings need to be adjusted.  This subject was in a low contrast environment, and in macro, the less contrast the better.   So, I chose the Av setting and chose f22 to get ALL of the caterpillar to be in focus – especially those fuzzy hairs. The camera set itself at 2.5 seconds, so a tripod was necessary.

Thanks for this FANTASTIC website, DigitalCamFan!  Your fans love to participate in the shared photography community that you generate!

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