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Featured Photo Wednesday – Anna Verdina (Karnova)


A big thanks to Anna Verdina for submitting this week’s Featured Photo! She has a beautiful way of capturing food! The light is always perfect as are the colors within her composition. You can tell she thought about each and everyone of her pictures to create a work of art!

If you have a photo you would like to have featured, please email me at submissionsatdigitalcamfandotcom . Every Wednesday I’ll spotlight a new photo. Don’t forget to include links to your photography site, Flickr, twitter you get the point, we want to be able to see your other work! For more detailed info on how to, check out the Featured Photo detail page!
121212печенья с картами вер-1

I have the opportunity to take photos only on weekends that’s why I always plan my work in advance. It helps me to be more effective and use the time in the most optimal way. Photography is my hobby which I took up after been married. I decided capture my dishes which I cooked for my family. But soon food photography became my real passion.
I take my photos in the kitchen and always use only natural light. I try to choose props which help me to create a story .I choose this photo because it looks like it was taking for Alice in Wonder World. The shape of the cookies resembles the playing cards. While taking this photo I imagine myself in fairy tale. It was a real fun.
In terms of technical details, I used my favorite camera Nikon D700 and lens 105.0 mm f/2.8. To make the photo looks more vivid I use side light and also have a small post-processing in Camera Raw.

Be sure to check out more of her amazing food photography!


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