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The snow has arrived!

The snow has arrived!

Sunday we went for a walk to enjoy the fresh snow. In the picture below my son Cade is coming around the corner with a snow ball in hand… By the time we left our fingers and toes were frozen and they both looked like snow owls all covered in white. They dove in the snow, rolled in the snow had snow ball fights and shook every tree to enjoy the snow falling in clumps on their heads! Beautiful day hearing the giggles of laughter through the trees.

The snow came on Friday night… There is something very exciting when you look outside and see that it snowed! Friday night we were playing board games with the kids when we noticed it had snowed. There were only a couple inches on the ground, but we quickly bundled up and ran outside in the dark. It was perfect packing snow, you couldn’t help but make a ball when you rolled it across the ground. Before long there were five families on our street all with their kids screaming in pure delight at the first real snow fall this year.

Of course the only way to top it off is to come inside and make Mexican hot chocolate with whip cream! A most delicious treat on a cold winter night!

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