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Tips for Photographing in the Rain

I found some great tips on shooting in the rain this week! Here are a couple of my favorites I came across.

This first one is from The Beginners Lens.  I especially like this line “If you shift your thinking a bit to begin thinking about “bad” weather as a unique shooting experience” Nice! I think that could be used in many circumstances like when complaining their just isn’t enough light in the gym for a your kids concert. Think it’s not bad lighting just a unique shooting experience! Just saying it puts a positive spin on it!

Lot’s of other gem tips within the site so stick around and check it out!

Here is another good one on how to shoot photos in the rain at The Discerning Photographer! Andrew Boyd gives some helpful tips on how to protect your camera when out in the rain. When you first get your camera it’s perfect, you don’t want to damage it in anyway. You carefully hold it and try to keep it from getting wet. Keep doing those two things, but take it out in bad weather too! Just protect it… There are many photo opportunities waiting for you!

Taking Photos in the Rain – National Geographic does a great job too! Tips are very easy to read and understand. Everyone you read you think oh yeah, back light the rain… good idea! Take a minute to check it out, it’s a good one!

Do you know a good website with some good tips about shooting in the rain? Let me know and I will add it to the list!

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