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Learn by Doing Photography – Shooting in the Rain

Assignment #51 Shooting in the rain

I don’t go out shooting in the rain very often, but after an afternoon in the rain with my daughter that needs to change! It was really fun! We drove around looking for puddles trying to find a big one that wasn’t in the middle of a busy street. This picture above was taken with me in the car shooting through the window. I focused on the rain drops on the window and started shooting. As she danced in the puddle I changed the aperture, looking for a a shot were you could tell it was a person, but not clear enough that you could tell who it was. As she ran back to the car I kept shooting. I was using the Canon 60d with the 50mm lens attached.

For this next picture I used the Tamron 90mm lens. She had her umbrella and was running and singing jumping in the puddles, what fun!


Tips for shooting in the rain

Be prepared. Make sure you have a cover for your camera if you’re going to have the camera in the rain. I keep a camera rain cover in my camera bag, the Op/Tech 18″ SLR Rain sleeve. It was only a couple bucks when i picked one up. But you can use a zip lock bag, a garbage bag anything to cover the camera and lens. If you have a rain coat or Pancho you might want to bring this too. It not only will keep you dry, but you can carry your camera under it when not using it. Don’t forget the umbrella, good for cover and good as a prop.

Take cover. Look for porches, buildings, awnings any area that might offer a dry spot while you can still shoot into the rain. Cars make a good safe spot to shoot from.

Reflections.  Don’t forget to look down, they’re reflections everywhere.

Back light. Look for street lights, the sun, car headlights. The rain is more easily seen when you have the light coming in behind it.

Shutter Speed. How do you want to capture the rain. If you want to freeze rain drops you will want a pretty fast shutter speed, maybe around 1/250. But you might be going for the soft focus of the rain falling which means you will want to go the other way maybe 1/30. Keep in mind when you’re that low on the shutter speed you might want to have a tripod handy.

Found this video with a quick tip on how to make a DIY rain cover for your camera:

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2 Responses to “Learn by Doing Photography – Shooting in the Rain”

  1. Nice. I love that first idea, the “rain through window glass” approach. Done some of this myself – very hit and miss, but great when it works. :)

    Here, if anyone’s interested:

    Posted by Richard Wintle | November 26, 2012, 1:10 am
  2. Thanks! You’re right it is hit and miss…

    Great shots in the rain – this one is my favorite out of the group! http://www.flickr.com/photos/ricardipus/5711284387/in/photostream/

    Posted by admin | November 26, 2012, 2:02 am

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