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Featured Photo Wednesday – Arno Enzerink

A big thanks to today’s featured photo from Arno Enzerink.  If you’ve ever stood quietly with only your thoughts and the world around you then you can relate to this beautiful story. He did an amazing job capturing this peaceful scene!

If you have a photo you would like to have featured, please email me at submissionsatdigitalcamfandotcom . Every Wednesday I’ll spotlight a new photo. Don’t forget to include links to your photography site, Flickr, twitter you get the point, we want to be able to see your other work!

I just returned from a trip to the Rocky Mountains, which was fantastic!
This is one of my favorite images from that trip, not so much because it’s a fantastic image (although it’s not bad), but because of the feeling of awesomeness that it gave me when I saw it happening.

We (I was out with a buddy of mine) were planning to shoot the sunrise. But that completely got messed up. The fog was so thick that we could barely see the road. So we ventured slowly into Rocky Mountain National park, really early in the morning. We stopped at the Coyote Valley Trail and walked up the route. About half a mile in, I decided to get off the trail and walked for about 3/4 of a mile into the field, until just shy of the treeline. I stood there for about half an hour. Just listening. Enjoying the complete solitude (my buddy had continued on the trail for some other photo ops), enjoying the sounds that you can only hear when you get off the beaten track, when you’re away from the stuff that the tourists usually do. At some point, while I was standing there, this male elk pranced up from out of the fog and wandered along the treeline. The feeling of being so in touch with nature, being there and the wildlife coming out from hiding and not minding you… That’s probably the best feeling one can experience.

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Dutch / Finnish award winning photographer and visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Great love and adoration for nature, but not solely a nature photographer.

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