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Featured Photo Wednesday – Régis NORY

Today’s featured photo is from Régis NORY .  There is life within this photo, beautiful! Be sure to take a moment to look at all his work, it’s extraordinary!

If you have a photo you would like to have featured, please email me at submissionsatdigitalcamfandotcom . Every Wednesday I’ll spotlight a new photo. Don’t forget to include links to your photography site, Flickr, twitter you get the point, we want to be able to see your other work!

I pass the “Black and White” to “Color” for successive periods.

Black and White
My pictures are very graphic. I am an admirer of Bill Brandt very long time.

I love photographs that question, the photographs do not give the first glance, the photographs, the reading is not immediate. My current work in color is turning more and more towards abstraction. I like to restore a print or texture. I like the idea of poetic pictures. The color photograph should encourage people to escape, to wander, to unleash their imagination.

About this photo.
I am equipped with a Leica M4 to walk in the footsteps of Henri Cartier Bresson. I am very interested in all that has been done by my predecessors in photographs. Recently, I discovered Walker Evans. I love his style.
As Walker Evans, Michael KENNA and many others I fed photos of Bill Brandt, Eugène Atget, Henri Cartier Bresson, etc..
Henri Cartier Bresson is essential in the history of photography. It triggered many vocations. I have a lot in common with him. The “photographic shot.”

When I started photography, it was during travel. I took photos to capture moments of life that we saw elsewhere. India is a beautiful country for it. I liked the idea of putting people in a box and photographed to capture a “decisive moment”. Today I took a lot of recoil with it. I think my return to the silver helped me to be less addicted. Do not fire at all costs, do not use the camera like a machine gun. With silver, I rediscovered the taste of the composition as Cartier Bresson. However there are many different point me in its approach. I love the square format as Robert Doisneau. I love the color. And as I said, I’m less keen on the photo.

Regarding this photo. It was taken recently in September 2012. I had to test the Leica M4 that I just bought. This photo is from the first film with this camera. As I am interested in the work of many photographers, I like to test the equipment they used. I’m sure you do not make the same picture depending on the device you use.

What I love about this photo is that it makes us wonder. What are they watching? I also like the three successive shots that are less clear. At the bottom on the right, we can guess a spectator at her window. Umbrellas tell us it’s raining. And when we dwell a little more, it can be seen in the foreground, there is a man in Kilt with white boots.

The photo was taken at Ypres in Belgium during ceremonies commemorating the First World War 14-18. Leica M4 with a summicron 1: 2/50 mm film with Kodak TMAX 400

Website : http://www.regisnory.fr/
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Twitter : https://twitter.com/regisnory
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/regis.nory
Flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/regisnory/

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