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Depth of Field (DOF) – Learn by Doing Photography

Week #48 Take any picture, but think about your DOF before you take it.

Think about what you want in focus and what you don’t want in focus. For my picture I set up my tripod, set the camera to f/4 on Aperture Priority and took the first picture.

For this second picture the only thing I changed was I raised the tripod. By raising the viewing angle the spread of my depth of field moved to a broader area of the picture. What this shows is your DOF is not just about Aperture, but distance and angle as well.

Depth of Field depends on many factors – camera type, aperture, distance between your camera and the subject. The best way to understand depth of field is to practice.

I found this excellent video explaining DOF by Dylan Bennett. He explains what it means, how it works and how to control it! Everything you need to know about DOF is in this video, nicely done!

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