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Beautiful Pictures of Fall

Winter might be winning the battle this week in Montana! Last week we kicked the freshly fallen leaves on the ground on our walk to school. With each kick the leaves would fly through the air with ease. This morning there was a bit of snow crusted around those same pile of leaves. Not enough snow to leave a layer, but enough to freeze the pile of leaves together. Our feet crunched this morning on our walk to school.

This last week on Learn by Doing Photography Assignment we were picking up our camera to Capture Fall. I also went out looking for some favorite Fall photos. I came across this group of amazing photographers capturing Fall in all its beauty! If you like their work¬† please take a moment to follow their link… Enjoy Fall as seen through their eyes.

Michelle Ettelson

Es Feer

Peyton Carter

Marilyn Mckay


Miss Zabone



 Thanks for sharing your photos!

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