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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Tips for Wedding Photography

Thank you Kris for suggesting Wedding Photography tips this week! I found some great references for anyone ready to take on wedding photography! The links below include wedding inspiration as well as tips to remember! Scroll to the bottom if you want to see my #1 tip from my own experience as a bride!

First look at other photographers work. If you want to follow a blog that shows exactly how a wedding should be photographed. Capturing those beautiful details that will bring smiles for years to come. Fine Art wedding photographer Charlwood Photography has the inspiration you need. Inspiration not only with wedding photography, but all photography!

One of my new fun hangouts is Pinterest! Always good inspiration photos being shared Wedding Photography Tips and Picture Ideas will fill you with lots of inspirational photos!

Digital Photography School always comes through with some great tips! They have two good articles “21 Tips for the Amateur wedding Photography” and “Your best friend asks you to photograph their wedding

I like Improve Photography, lots and lots of photography tips and they come through again with these 68 Essential Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography 101 not only goes into how to get the job done, but includes a standard check list of what to shoot as well as other helpful tips!

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to be a wedding photographer or you just want some tips. There are some gem tips in this video by Silber Studios during this great interview with Anna Kuperberg

I have experience in the wedding photography business only with my own personal experience. I was lucky enough to find my other half and marry¬† him in 1995. So I have been the bride and remember what I liked and didn’t like about our wedding photos.

My only complaint about our wedding photos, which I will take full responsibility! When I talked to the photographer I said “just take pictures” I wasn’t specific, but in my defense I had never been married before and didn’t really know what I would want when it was all said and done.

All the pictures we have are poses. The posed picture of our family, the posed picture of us standing together, cutting the cake. Don’t get me wrong I love these pictures they show our entire family that attended. But not one picture of any of our friends that were there, no picture of him or I talking with any of the guests. No picture of my grandpa whispering some advice to me, no picture of the what the tables looked like, no details of the dress. You get it right… The unexpected moments, those are the pictures I wish I had plus the ones I got because those are also important.

So my number #1 tip from a ladies point of view would be don’t forget about the unexpected moments of the day, the details.

Here is an example of the unexpected details by a 5 year old! Not at at wedding, but it still applies to finding those unexpected details of the day. When our daughter was born I gave my son one of those disposable cameras. I told him to take any picture he wanted to capture the day. I ended up with pictures of the hallway, pictures of the nurses shoes, one picture of his new sister, the friends house he went to that day, the car ride through the window. They were all the unexpected pictures of the day and those I cherish, they’re the details that help us remember that beautiful day. Find those unexpected moments and capture them!

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