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The Best Camera Bag

I looked and looked for the best camera bag, and finally bought the Lowepro Sling Camera Bag. I love it!

For functionality and getting me to take my camera everywhere I go you can’t beat it!

-I was looking for a camera bag that looked more like a purse (check)
-I wanted it to feel and look small, something I would take with me everywhere (check)
-I wanted a camera bag that was padded enough I would feel fine carrying it everywhere even the grocery store or places it might get bumped (check)
-I wanted black camera bag (check)
-I wanted a camera bag that I could wear over my shoulder instead of my back for easy access (check)
-I wanted a camera bag that had and inside pocket for an extra SD card cause I always forget mine (check)
-I wanted a camera bag that I could carry more than one lens (check)

Really it’s the perfect camera bag for me. I also have a back pack from Think Tank, Street Walker which I do like. I use it when traveling or going out on a specific photo shoot. But I have been looking for a camera bag that I would take with me every single place I went. A camera bag that would become a part of my life so my camera was always within reach. This bag is perfect!

I can only come up with two things I don’t like about it, but they’re very minor! I wish the outside pockets zipped or buttoned somehow. When I put my wallet or keys in the outside pockets I am always worried they’re going to fall out. The other item I would like the adjust is the strap I wish it had a bit more padding. The little pad that comes with it for around your neck just isn’t enough padding when you’re packing around a camera. Both are easily fixed with the next trip to the fabric store for buttons and padding.

List price: $74.99
Sale Price is $59.95

If you have any specific questions about the Lowepro Sling Camera Bag or the Think Tank Street Walker feel free to email me your questions!

Official Product Facts:

Vertically thin design with contoured curved top makes it easier to navigate urban environments
Designed for a DSLR with the 70-200 2.8 attached and hoodin position
Monopod and tripod mounting system – product comes with detachable accessory straps
Contoured harness for men and women; includes pockets and D rings
Air channel on back of the bag for circulation and comfort

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