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I am mixing things up and changing days on you! I was talking with someone about the weekly assignment when they said “why Sunday”? hmm good question. After thinking about all the days of the week Sunday really isn’t the best day. Sunday is a day to rest and slowly start wrapping our thoughts around the fact that work will start the very next day. But Friday, well Friday is the day to think about what I am I going to do for fun this weekend. Now what are you going to do for fun? Yeah I thought I heard you! We’re going to pick up our camera and go find something pink to photograph!

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This week’s assignment takes on a new color, but a serious theme. Pink. Pink in the month of October stands for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I love to see pink displayed so brightly everywhere you turn during the month of October. The idea really has taken off! When you see NFL players wearing pink shoes on Sunday, you know something amazing is coming about.  Did you know one in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. It’s the second-most diagnosed cancer in the U.S. and the key to beating breast cancer is early detection!

Assignment #45 Think Pink!

So I got to thinking what could I photograph that was pink… I’m deep in thought thinking of all things pink when my very own pinkalicious sweetness asks me a question. Yes, of course… I already have a pink subject! This is us running to school in the morning last month. I am ten steps behind trying to run and photograph at the same time!

Soccer season is big around here. Our son played for 5 years during the spring and fall season. Then last year during his 5th grade year he decided he didn’t want to do it. However our daughter Kat was all over it, and excited to finally be old enough to play. So I took on volunteer coach for her kindergarten class. I asked her brother Cade if he would be interested in being the assistant coach,  and he was into it. It was great! We took on 6 kindergarteners who were more interested in finding dandelions and playing tag, but somewhere in the middle we played some soccer and had lots of fun!

This year however that same girl has the eye of a tiger out there! she is fast…. scoring three goals this past Sunday. We were very proud as we watched from the sidelines. Warms your heart when they see your kid beaming from ear to ear! Those last two pictures were from practice this week. One is before practice and one is after practice (the one with the dirty knees is after:)

So find something pink this week! you might find yourself a flower or a pinkalicious kiddo like mine!

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You’re turn!

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