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Rocket Camera Clearner

Time to clean your sensor?

I recently bought this rocket camera cleaner to clean my sensor. I found out it serves two purposes. One it does blow the dust off ones sensor, but it also blows the dust off what you’re photographing. I taking pictures inside my house the other day of a pedal, but I just couldn’t get the dust from a certain spot. That is when I looked up and saw the rocket. Nice! It worked like a charm getting the dust out of that hard to reach spot I couldn’t seem to wipe clean! I feel I got two things for the price of one!

The way it works – it shoots a blast of air onto your lenses, filters or sensor. It has a one-way valve to prevent the rocket from sending dust back into your equipment.

Giottos AA 1900 Rocket Air Blaster Large – Black

List Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $9.97

The Official Product Description:

Stands upright
7.5-Inch long
2.25-Inch long nozzle
2.4-Inch diameter
Durable long-lasting construction

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