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Inspiring Examples of Leading Lines in Photography

This week we’re working with leading lines in photography so I took a trip through Flickr looking for examples, and of course I found some amazing examples! These are a few of my favorites I found along the way.

This has been an interesting week for me as I look for leading lines. I noticed them the other night when I was watching a commercial.  I don’t remember what the commercial was about, but in every scene there was a leading line to be found. I thought wow! Leading lines are everywhere yet sometimes I don’t even notice them! The trick is to find them within your own view finder!

These are some really great photographers! If you like be sure to follow their link and check out their other amazing photographs!

Brad Lackey


Taken By: Saud Alrshiad




Vicki Tate Photography


Shelby Radcliffe


A special thanks to these photographers for sharing their images with us today!

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