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Finding the best food photography

I went on a search this week for inspiring food photography! Warning – This is not something one should attempt to do when hungry!

I found a plethora of beautiful, well crafted amazing photos of the most mouth watering dishes you can imagine. Shooting food photography can be extremely enjoyable… Next time you create a dish that you want to remember set it in the window sill, find a color coordinated napkin and take a picture! It’s kinda addicting! Now these photographs I picked I think are all amazing. Time, thought and patience was added to everyone of them!

If you find one you like be sure to follow and see some more of these great photographers work!

Veronika Studer

Nauman Khalid

Tea Treats – Photographed by Nauman Khalid


 Peter Bros Nissen

Tailor Tang

Anna Verdina (Karnova)

Be sure to check out their other amazing photographs! Do you have a favorite food photographer or book you would recommend? Please share!

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