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Food Photography Tips for Lightroom

Lightroom Tutorials Tips for Food Photography!

I came across this Lightroom tutorial titled – aka my dirty little secret! Which is so true… If you have Lightroom you will know how easy it is to add a little highlight, bring out the shadows, correct the white balance. All with the simple slide of a slider.

I thought this was a great tutorial on the simple tricks and tips you would use to edit your food photography. Of course with all photography it over laps so even if you aren’t concerned with how to get your white plate white you might be concerned with how to get your snow white. So read up… Lots of great tips. My favorite was explaining the recovery slider – if you have too much brightness move the recovery slider to the right and it will reduce the exposure on your highlighted areas or brightest areas of your image!

The word RAW is brought up… You will hear this term over and over again shoot in RAW if possible! If you can shoot in RAW you will have so much more leeway to correct white balance and exposure when editing your pictures on the computer, which is true. Of course DSLR cameras can be pretty expensive, maybe that’s not in the cards for you right now. You can use some of Marc’s tips on any camera! Especially the tips regarding equipment setup!

Marc might have a good Lightroom tips on photographing food, but make sure you check out some of his recipes on NoRecipes.com. Excellent step by step recipes with amazing pictures! You can also find him on facebook.com/NoRecipesSite

Would you rather watch a video to learn some lightroom tips?

If so you might want to check out this video by Matt Wright.  He goes into great detail about what he does to make his food snap! You could jump to 3:00 on the video if you want to dive right into the settings. He does an excellent job talking about exposure – what you want and don’t want. Helps you understand your histogram and what you are looking for so you don’t clip any pixels. Of course just like the first tutorial this one is great for any kind of photography not just editing food!

Lightroom editing of Food Photography from Matt Wright on Vimeo.




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2 Responses to “Food Photography Tips for Lightroom”

  1. Great lead, thanks for sharing! (also, we agree that Marc @NoRecipes is a great resource for photo inspiration as well as for great recipes). Keep up the good work sharing with the photo world!

    Posted by Mark/YourKitchenCamera | October 1, 2012, 5:21 pm
  2. Thanks so much!

    Posted by admin | October 1, 2012, 7:20 pm

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