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Food Photography 101 – Learn by Doing Photography

Assignment #43 – Photographing food, any dish you like!

I had grand ideas of cooking a feast and photographing it in the window Saturday night, but that just didn’t happen. Instead we ended up with take out for dinner which actually worked out better. Since that left us plenty of time for my daughter and I to bake some chocolate chip cookies. Of course when baking with a 6 year old one type of cookie isn’t very exciting so we divided the batch into thirds. We mixed chocolate chips in the first batch, M&M’s in the second and oatmeal raisin for the last batch. Yum!

Canon 60d – Lens Tamron 90mm – 1/160sec @ F/2.8, ISO 320

Today I  going with 13 tips! I came across 13 tips on food photography!

  1. When you think you’re at a good angle shoot even lower, interesting angle makes for an interesting photo
  2. 45* angle – I see a lot of folks liking the 45* angle and than getting up close and personal with their food.
  3. Don’t forget you can also shoot straight above the food too.
  4. Lighting – You might have a great place in your house with lots of light. If the sun is shinning in the window you can use a diffuser or tissue paper on the window. Pay attention to the direction your light
  5. Backdrops – You can find pieces of wood, white piece of paper, towels, plates – look around your house you will be surprised at the treasures you find that you can use.
  6. Reflectors are good for bouncing the light back on the food.
  7. Shoot with a wide aperture so you get some nice bokeh on the background
  8. Watch out for the pop-up flash they can create harsh shadows and highlights.
  9. Crop in tight around the food
  10. Take lots of pictures so you have some choices when you sit down on the computer
  11. Props – Pay attention to how your arrange the food you might want to include a bowl of chocolate chips next to your chocolate chip cookies. Have fun with it but don’t clutter the setting.
  12. Macro – Really get in close and focus on one element of your photograph
  13. As always shoot in RAW if possible

If you have never taken the time to try food photography… today is the day! You don’t have to bake a dish or create some magnificent dessert either. Go for the fruit, grab and apple and either shoot it whole or cut it up for a dynamic shot! Just have fun with it!

Some great tips for both Digital SLR cameras as well as point and shoot cameras:

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Do you have a favorite Food Photography Book to recommend?

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