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Black and White Photography – Learn by Doing

Assignment #42 Tale a picture in black and white

I took a black and white photography class about a year ago. One of the lessons we had was we could only shoot in black and white the entire time we were in class.  I completely forgot about that part of the class until just now! It was great and I think for this week I will turn off color again! It helps you see like your camera does.

What it does is helps you see your photo without the distraction of color. You will start to see your composition more, see where the light is coming from, see contrast…

There are two ways to take a monochrome picture – you can either turn the dial on your camera from standard to monochrome or shoot in color and edit later on your computer. The thing about changing your dial to monochrome on your camera means it will always be in black and white. If you shoot in color and edit later you will always be able to decide if you like it in color or black and white.

There are some great tips in this video!

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Your Turn!

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