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Learn by Doing – Macro

The essence of photography is to share…. I love that line!

We all love to share our photos. You might share your photos while they’re still in the camera on the LCD window. You might add them to Facebook or email to family and friends. Perhaps you are a professional photographer and have your work framed in a famous gallery. Wherever however you do it, at the end of the day we love to share our photographs. And we as photographers love to look at photographs and be inspired so thank you for sharing!

This week we had some great macro photography on Learn by Doing.

Be sure to give them a two thumbs up if you like!

This one by Donna is so simple, so lovely! I love the color choice!

This next one by Donna has such a good angle to capture the light on that one water droplet that is about to fall!

We’re always trying to find the light! Lesley does a great job with the light as it gently comes into the frame!

Kev I love the angle the leaf is at as the butterfly makes his journey up the leaf. Very sharp!

Beautiful Shallow Depth of Field Dianne!

And this one Dianne… So many perfect brightly colored red pedals!

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