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Awe Inspiring Photography, a city at night

When the sun goes down a magical place appears. The same street during the day has become it’s complete opposite with different light and a different story. There are so many different ways to capture it’s beauty. You can step back and take in the entire sky line or move up close and capture just one building. Even one street light flickering in the distance can create an amazing photo!

Here are a few of my favorite city night pictures! I can loose my self looking at photography, admiring, being inspired, wondering how and why something was photographed a certain way. I love that we all have a different eye. You can have 10 different photographers taking a picture in the same place at the same time and your result will be 10 completely different photographs!

Please take a moment to find inspiration in these very inspiring images! if you like, be sure to follow the link to view some of the photographers other work!

Thanks for sharing your photos with us so we can learn and be inspired!

Insung Jeon

Chris Renk

Eliyas J

JB.H – Photographe

Chris Thompson

Fromage de Merde

Funky Koala


G. Tamas

Fernando Xambre

Riccardo Satta

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