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City Lights at Night – Learn by Doing


Assignment #40 Take a picture at night of your city lights!

Canon 60D 18-55mm lens (focal length 18mm) 30 second exposure at f/4.0

This week’s assignment is to head out at night….again…. I just realized the last couple weeks all involved getting out at night! Perhaps it’s the feel of fall in the air lately. It makes me want to stay outside enjoying the warm summer night before it turns to a cold snowy evening. No matter what the reason next time I will return to daylight for our assignment! As for this week on more night outing to capture the city lights at night!

At first the kids and I went to a spot right on the edge of town. I have always wanted to stop there and take a picture as our city turned to evening. Watch as the lights slowly turned on one by one. Finally after all this time I found myself in the right spot at the right time to take a picture of the light. Turns out it wasn’t that great! The city was to far and there were far to many trees blocking my lights. So we packed up and moved on searching for a different place. We found ourselves near the Clark Fork River downtown on a beautiful clear night!

Tips for shooting city night lights

  • When you picture city night lights the first thought is usually of the entire sky line, which is beautiful of course. But don’t forget you can capture just one building or one street.
  • Turn off your flash – you will have to move to manual for this one since you will want to use a slower shutter speed.
  • Tripod is a must or a least something flat and solid to put your camera on.
  • When on a tripod be sure to disable your Mirror Lockup – This will also help with camera shake
  • Use a remote – Just pushing the button brings on camera shake. If you don’t have a remote use the self timer on your camera
  • For aperture I opened up to let a more light in and then played with my shutter. The first ones I took was at 8 seconds from there I just keep going longer until I ended up with 30 seconds and liked that. So play with the shutter and see what you like

Night Photography Equipment

Camera that has manual mode
tripod or something solid to place your camera on
release cable or just use the timer

Remember you can post your pictures at the bottom of this post or on DigitalCamFan FaceBook wall. If you have questions about “Learn By Doing” Please refer to the guideline page. If you have no questions post away!

*If you have any tips you would like to add.. please feel free to comment. There is so much to learn every tip counts!

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