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Messenger Bag!

I think messenger bags make pretty good camera bags! They’re always padded to keep your laptop safe, lots of padding is a good thing! Messenger bags are wide so you can easily line up your lenses for easy access and the strap goes over your shoulder!

Now the Heralder 38 Messenger bag is pretty cool since it really does have the photographer in mind since you can attach a tripod to it! There are also quite a few pockets to store your loose gear. Rain cover for wet photography days

Right now is a good time to buy since it’s on sale!

List price $249.99
Sale price is: $99.25 That is 60% off! (FREE shipping with Super Saver Shipping)

Official Product Description:

The Heralder Series is a fast-action messenger bag for on-the-move photographers, such as photojournalists and event photographers. With The Heralder’s Quick Top Access, photographers will never miss a beat of the action, or be scooped by the competition, because it eliminates fumbling with gear. With just one quick zip, you’ll be shooting in a split second! One of The Heralder’s greatest features is a convenient tripod holder, perfect for today’s video-driven photojournalist. A tripod can be easily secured to The Heralder’s built-in tripod sling. VANGUARD’s designers know that a great bag is one you want to carry even when you’re off the clock. The Heralder’s detachable inner pouch lets you remove, and reload, gear in one easy step, giving you a seamless transition from comfortable camera bag to an everyday messenger bag, and back! Other features include an extremely comfortable, padded anti-slip shoulder strap that distributes weight evenly on your shoulders, a padded laptop compartment, numerous accessory pockets to store loose gear and compatibility with other VANGUARD accessories, such as padded lens protectors.

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