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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Stages of a photographer

I love this chart! I think they pegged me just right, I would be on the technical side of photography right now.  I think the point is you have to keep moving forward to get good at anything in life. Of course we all hit bumps in the road when we think our photographs aren’t the best or we might feel uninspired, but if you keep moving forward you will get to the other side and be all the better for it.

In Missoula we are lucky to have an abundance of summer camps to choose from.  This year my son picked a camp about stop motion animation. They could choose clay animation or draw it out. Since Cade could hold a pencil he has had a clip board with white paper in front of him. So of course his choice was pencil and paper. Anyway at the end of the camp the teacher said to him. “You got talent kid don’t give it up. There will be a point in your life when you might want to put it down or feel uninspired. This is when you have to push through it and keep going.”  Cade smiled politely and shook his hand, said o.k. I don’t know if he will remember those words, but I will. I think they apply to everything in life. You will never be good at something if you put it down. You always have to keep moving forward!


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