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Tips for Photographing Birds – Learn by Doing

Assignment #36 Take a picture of a bird. Sounds easy, right? But first you have to find the bird…

Tips on Photographing Birds:

  • Most birds don’t want to be disturbed so you’ll want to use your longest telephoto or zoom lens
  • One trick you see a lot of in bird photography is a shallow depth of field with the bird nice and sharp. To do this make sure your lens is open to the widest aperture (That would be your smallest number on the aperture setting) and zoom in.
  • Keep your shutter speed high so you can freeze the bird in action.
  • Move around to get the best background.
  • Pre-focus on the branch where you’re anticipating the bird to land.
  • And of course patience…

Always find great tips at Digital-Photography-School. Be sure to read their tips on Backyard Bird Photography Tips

Here is an excellent resource I found by Mike Atkinson. You will find a very in depth resource about basic field techniques when shooting bird photography

I like this video by RandoMnBest he pulls out all the tricks while photographing birds in his backyard.

One trick he uses to bring the birds to him is live meal worms next to perches where he wants the birds to land. He also filled a water can with water and used a small Tupperware with meal worms that floated on the top of the water. From his camera angle you can’t see in the watering can where the meal worms are, but you can see the birds landing on it as a perch in the garden. Some great tips!

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