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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Understanding Lightroom – Photography

New class… Lightroom! Last night I was fortunate enough to slip away for a few hours to attend my first class out of 3 on “Lightroom 101″. I have Lightroom, but don’t know how to use it. All my editing is done in Photoshop CS4 so I was excited to take this class. I must say thank-you to RMSP for teaming up with Missoula Park and Rec.  Forrest was teaching this class today and did an amazing job making sure everyone in the class was on the same page as we moved forward! Looking forward to the next class…

Each program has it’s strength! Photoshop is a power house when it comes to editing! There is so much Photoshop can do, but one thing it can’t do is organize for you. Photoshop could care less where you keep your photos. When you turn on Photoshop you go File-Open and when you’re done you say File-Close. Once you save an image as File-Save it’s a done deal your history is gone.  This is a huge strength that Lightroom has – an amazing workflow designed just for photographers and what they need. You can always go back to your original photo since Lightroom keeps all the history on exactly what you did.

There are three main components to Lightroom = The program Lightroom – Catalog – Photos

When you pull your pictures off your camera or SD card Lightroom will automatically date (using the information on your camera) and file all these pictures for you. Pretty cool… you can go as far as creating keywords for your photos to more easily find them. The major bonus is Lightroom stores all your information so in 5 years you decide you don’t like the way you edited that picture you can look go back and do it again… Yes go back and look at it because Lightroom doesn’t save over the original image.

Some short cuts for Lightroom for PC:

Shift tab – will bring all your side panels back if you have hidden them

There are four panels one on each side of your screen. You can use the arrow to close them but if you hover to close they will pop open. This can be annoying if you want them to stay hidden right click on the arrow and choose manual

When working on a laptop it can be hard to find what you want on your panels if they’re all open. Right click on category and change to solo mode.

T = Toolbar (very bottom of the screen) You can make it appear and disappear

G = Grid View (If you’re looking at one picture and want to see the grid again of all your pictures)

L = Lights out (If you’re looking at a picture and want to only see the picture on a black background hit L and the Lightroom will fade away so you see only your picture.)

P = Flag as picked

X = Reject

When you delete a photo from the lightroom Catalog you have two choices

Remove – which will remove from the Lightroom catalog, but will remain on your hard drive taking up space or Remove from disk – this will remove from Lightroom catalog and your disk!

At the end of the week I will report back with what I learned on day 2! The first day was understanding how Lightroom works and why you might want this program as a photographer. Day 2 we dive into how to use it!

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