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Reflection photography – Learn by Doing

Assignment #32 – Reflection photography

Of course my first thought goes to water when I think of reflections, but reflections are everywhere once you start looking! Keep an eye out for the chrome on cars, windows, mirrors and of course puddles of water.

This picture was taken just as the full moon came over the Rocky Mountains. It was spectacular. I tried to edit the picture in black and white giving it more of an old photo feel to it. I will go out this week and keep practicing reflections. It’s fun to look for different things when you go out photographing. The world always looks different when you look at it from a different angle!

A few tips I found when researching reflection photography for DSLR
1. Use a higher F-stop like f/11 or higher this will help the entire picture stay in focus.
2. Of course as always go when the light is best either in the morning or evening.
3. Don’t forget that tripod to help ensure a sharp shot.
4. If focusing on water try longer shutter speeds which will help smooth out the water.
5. You don’t have to find yourself a lake look for mirrors, metal, glass, chrome anything with a reflective surface

A quick tutorial on how to take reflections using a wide angle lens:

For some examples of reflection photography on Digital Photography School

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