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Finished the Half Marathon with my 11 year old son!

When Cade was 8 years old I participated in my first half marathon. That same year Cade ran the kids marathon which consisted of running 26 miles in 2 months and on the day of the marathon you ran the last mile. He was so excited until the moment he saw my metal and looked down to see his plastic metal. He couldn’t understand why his was plastic and mine wasn’t. From that day on he said I want to run the half marathon with you so I can get a real metal. Because life is busy and I felt he was a bit young at the time it didn’t work out until this year. This year I felt he was old enough and I was in the zone to start training.

For the past few months we have been training some days we would go for a run some we would walk and some days we would go for a bike ride. Just training with him was awesome! He would talk the entire run while I would listen to him really listen to him. Most days as a mom you have a million things on your list you’re trying to get done. You might be cooking dinner, cleaning whatever you might be doing at the time. You might not be giving your kids your undivided attention, but on these runs he had my undivided attention.

It was going to be a perfect sunny day today… The sun was not yet up as we stood with 3,000 other people waiting for the marathon to begin. The amount of people that came up to Cade and gave him encouragement was amazing.

Once the fireworks went off  and the canon shot we were off. The course starts at the edge of Blue Mountain. The road winds around the mountain side following the river. As we were running the sun was just coming up to the East of us. That moment running with my son will stay with me forever, it was perfect!  Before you knew it we had already ran 1 mile. At 2 miles we stopped running and started pacing ourselves with a run/walk the rest of the way. Missoula is an amazing place to live once you start to see houses you see people standing on the side of the road cheering you on.  One person brought their baby grand piano out and was playing classical music as we ran by. Folks have their sprinklers on facing the street so you can run through it. The jazz band was playing at the park and the people line the streets. It’s Missoula that pushes you forward helping you make it to the finish line.  As we made our final stretch over the bridge I was so proud of him for setting a goal and finishing it! And then the moment the only reason he wanted to do this marathon…. the metal!


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