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Assignment #31 – Capturing the light

Go out and┬ácapture some light! Every book or post you read talks about the golden hour. This week my friend Sarah and I headed to an area called Ninepipes at sunset to take some pictures. It was amazing… I didn’t know which way to point my camera everything had this amazing golden glow. I was trying to capture that golden light.

This weeks assignment is to capture light… It might be a golden glow at sunset which is what I captured. My settings were:

Focal Length – 250mm
Shutter Speed – 1/320
ISO 100

Or the rays of light seen through a tree or light streaming through a window. For this I read you will need a much narrower aperture so look to the higher numbers like f/22 and a slow shutter speed. Position the sun halfway behind something like a tree or other large object this will keep the direct sunlight from overpowering individual rays.

High-contrast midday light can be difficult to capture so try shooting either in the early morning or at sunset. I went looking for a video that talked about how to capture this light. The glow of golden hour or the way the sun beams go through the trees leaving that beautiful trail of light, and I came across this gem of a video. Marc Silber interviews Bob Holmes at his studio. He says the secret to lighting is to look at the light to see the light the way the camera looks at it. He talks about how camera’s get in the way of photography… if you’re always looking at your settings you’re not paying attention to your subject closely enough. The first part of the video talks about his accomplishments which are impressive. The interview starts around 1:23! Enjoy!

Good Articles to check out when trying to capture light rays:
Cambridgeincolour always has a good tutorial!

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